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Alexander Luthor (New DC)Batcave (New DC)Batman
Batman & RobinBatman 3Batman Begins
Batman ForeverBatman ReturnsBruce Wayne (New DC)
DC Movie WikiGotham City (New DC)
Green Lantern 2Green Lantern 3
Harold Jordan (New DC)Harvey Dent (New DC)
Henri Ducard (New DC)Joker (New DC)Justice League: Mortal
Justice League (New DC)Justice League (movie)Kal-El (Donner)
Kal-El (JL:M)Kal-El (Lester)Kal-El (New DC)
Kal-El (Singer)Kilowog (New DC)Krypton (Donner)
Krypton (Lester)Krypton (Singer)List of DC Comics Feature Films
Lucius Fox (New DC)
Rachel Dawes (New DC)Salvatore Maroni (New DC)
Superman: The MovieSuperman IISuperman II: The Richard Donner Cut
Superman IIISuperman IV: The Quest for PeaceSuperman Returns
The Dark KnightThe FlashThe Green Lantern
The Man of SteelThomas Wayne (New DC)Universe: Donner
Universe: LesterUniverse: New DC
Universe: SingerWayne Manor (New DC)

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